Recycled cotton yarns

Now available in our webshop, a whole new range of yarns in fourteen colours.
Ecotec® yarns are spun in an ecologically advanced recycling process which uses the leftover cotton fabric of newly-made, pre-dyed garments. Textilewaste is responsible for a lot of environmental pollution. The process of regenerating is avoiding the destruction of materials in public dump incinerators. Since the colours are those of the previous life of the recycled fabrics, the dyeing process is eliminated, reducing the use of dyes, other hazardous chemicals, water and energy up to 90%.

The traditional way to make knitwear starts from raw-white yarn and takes fourty steps, including transportation, bleaching and dyeing.
traditionalThe ecotec® system starts from the coloured yarns saving steps in the manufacturing process.

Ecotec® is used in all textile applications where dyed spun yarns are used, including knitwear and hoisery, carpets, upholstery and household linens.

The yarns are made up of recycled cotton and new fibers such as bamboo, cotton etc. In the yarncount Nm 34/2 65% of the used material is recycled. In the yarn Nm 20/2 the amount of recycled fibers is up to 80%.

Once processed, ecotec® produces a yarn with a molecular structure which makes the fabric cool in summer, and warm and comfortable in winter.

All the ecotec® yarns bear the European Oeko-Tex Standard 100 guarantee which certifies that hazardous chemical substances are completely absent.
The production processes are periodically inspected by the ITP (Italian Textile Fashion), which certifies the processes of recycling and the traceability of the raw materials used.
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